Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Offshore drilling platform


From shipbuilding to offshore platforms to seawalls to ship design to electrification to The America’s Cup, Offshore Systems are some of the biggest created by man and offer a large and varied field in the Marine Industry.

The construction of ships and other floating vessels by shipwrights in the world’s shipyards is a specialized occupation that traces its roots to before recorded history.

   Oil Platforms
Extracting petroleum and natural gas from rock formations beneath the seabed require a very specific type of structure in a very challenging environment.

Seawalls are instrumental in coastal defense to protect areas of human habitation, conservation, and leisure activities from the action of tides, waves or tsunamis.

   Ship Design
Also known as naval engineering, ship design incorporates elements from a wide variety of engineering disciplines to create some of the largest man-made structures on Earth.

As the industry investigates new energies to power an increasingly modern fleet, we look to the future of electricity in shipping.

   America’s Cup
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