Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Rick Spaulding

Vice President of Central Planning and Process Excellence at Ingalls Shipbuilding 

MOST MEANINGFUL PROJECT: Definitely working on the Q-LNG 4,000, the first LNG bunkering ATB in the U.S. As the first LNG bunkering vessel chartered by a major oil company in the U.S. (and the second LNG bunkering vessel in the country), it is a huge step in furthering the LNG as fuel industry in the states.

HOW DO YOU USE YOUR DEGREE? My degree shaped my ability to think critically. I use relatively little hydrodynamics, stability, or structures knowledge, but my day is full of critical thinking and problem-solving. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without my concept of “how to think”, which was formed by my degree.

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: If you want a chance to be blown away by the grandest feats of engineering on the planet, get a degree in NAME. There is nothing like being on a ship and seeing nothing but water in every direction, or walking across a 500-meter long Floating LNG facility, or strolling through a shipyard and gazing up at half built steel behemoths. It is a jaw-dropping field to work in.

WHAT MAKES YOUR PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR WORK? We are at the forefront of an emerging industry, doing work that is hugely beneficial for the environment. The opportunity to be pioneering the change to the fuel of the future is the best job I could’ve asked for.