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UM::Autonomy – 2012 RoboBoat Competition

University of Michigan team takes 1st Place! Read more about their 1st place finish on the CoE website!

Below are some related articles and links as the UM::Autonomy team and their autonomous vehicle “Serenity” grab the top prize in the 2012 RoboBoat Competition:



Professor Eustice Talks Underwater Autonomous Systems

Assistant Professor, in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Ryan Eustice talks about Michigan’s progress with underwater autonomous systems.Inspection of ship hulls and offshore marine structures using autonomous underwater vehicles has emerged as a unique and challenging application of robotics. Article and video courtesy Michigan Engineering MConnex.

Autonomous robots, vehicles hot topic during annual U-M Robotics Day

Steven Chavis

First-year U-M mechanical engineering doctoral student Stephen Chaves is helping develop the helicopter with a team of other graduate and undergraduate students. The robot is funded by a U.S. Navy grant fostering the creation of automated robots that use radar and laser sensors instead of GPS mapping signals, which are vulnerable to enemy interference.

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The College Majors that do the Best in the Real World

Where does Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Rank?

This article was originally posted on the Simply Hired Blog and was written by Natalie Grigson and Josh Ryan

Right now in the United States, about 40% of working-age adults have a college degree, be it a Bachelors or Associates. To put this into perspective, in 1950, that number was about 6%, and as recently as 1980, just 16%.

That’s a lot of education walking around.

Here’s another fun fact: right now in the United States, about 8.3% of working-age adults are unemployed— compared to an incredibly low 2.5% in 1950 and 6% in 1980.

Now I know I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you, but I am trying to illustrate a point: Despite the increased number of college graduates these days, in a tough economy, even many of the most educated people remain unemployed.

As of late, this topic of higher education has been on many peoples’ minds. There are articles claiming less people should go to college; others that state just the opposite. People argue employers should be more exclusive; others counter that they should be less so. Even President Obama has given his two cents stating, “ In this economy, a high school diploma no longer guarantees a good job.”  Read more on the Simply Hired Blog