MSE Sub-Plan:
Autonomous Systems

The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) is the world leader in educating engineers for the Marine Environment. Over the last twenty years, the investment in marine autonomous systems has exploded. Just in underwater systems, more than 500 company startups now exist worldwide servicing the marine industry. The fields of offshore engineering, marine renewable energy, and Naval industries have emerging needs and opportunities for integrating autonomous systems into their operation.

Degree Requirements:

  • 30 credits of coursework; students with an undergraduate degree not in NAME must also take NA470 – Foundations of Ship Design (it counts towards the 30 required credits)
  • 1 cognate course
  • NA 500Mathematics for Naval Architects (counts towards the 15 NAME credits at 500 and above level)
  • Minimum of 18 NAME credits of which 15 need to be 500 or above level courses (for Sub-Plan see course list below)

Autonomous systems sub-plan requirements:

Minimum 18 NAME credits of which 15 credits need to be level 500 or above must be from the following list of classes:

  • NA 500 – Mathematics for Naval Architects (3 credits)

Along with any combination of the following classes:

  • NA 431 – Marine Engineering II (3 credit)
  • NA 483 – Marine Control System (3 credits)
  • NA 540 – Marine Dynamics II (4 credits)
  • NA 565 – Self Driving Cars: Perception and Control (3 credits)
  • NA 568 – Mobile Robotics: Methods and Algorithms (4 credits)
  • NA 582 – Reliability, Risk, and Safety Analysis (3 credits)
  • NA 583 – Adaptive Control (3 credits)
  • NA 599 – Marine Robotics (3 credits)