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    The most valuable college majors, ranked

    Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering takes the top spot on the list of most valuable college majors, according to a Bankrate study of 162 degrees. Read More... »

  • James Gose, NAME Graduate Student Research Assistant, studies the multiphase flow of water through a specially built system in the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory

    How donors are enabling research

    With formidable challenges and the future changing fast, NAME aims to stay adaptable.Read More »

  • Ellie Callison Biofilm Research in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

    What is NAME? Time to find out for yourself.

    The nation depends on naval architecture and marine engineers to keep it secure. The world depends on us to protect the planets largest and most mysterious wilderness. With a NAME degree, there's always more to discover, room to grow, space to soar.Learn More »

Welcome to Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Portrait of Jing Sun, NAME department chair. Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering.

Hello! Hola! Nǐ hǎo!

Hi, I'm Jing Sun, the NAME department chair. No matter where you hail from, welcome to our community!

Welcome to NAME

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Mark Groden and Yan Liu, NAME Graduate Student Research Assistants, work in the Marine Structures Design Laboratory on the Central Campus of the University of Michigan on May 13, 2016.

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Students in NAME 403 learned how to sail and operate components of Areté, a vessel that competes annually in a series of races across the world, on the Detroit River on October 4, 2016.

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High school students from Clinton HS test their underwater vehicles at the Marine Hydrodynamic Laboratory at the University of Michigan. Students developed their underwater robots for competitions.

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As long as there have been humans, the marine world has connected them. It covers two thirds of the earth. It transports 90% of the world’s freight, feeds 3 ½ billion people, defines the world’s borders, and fuels our industries and our imaginations. Perhaps the most challenging and unpredictable environment on earth, it’s home to the largest engineered systems ever built by humans.