David R. Dowling

Chair and ABS Professor of Marine And Offshore Design Performance, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


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(734) 936-0423

Research Interests

Additional Title(s)

  • Professor, Mechanical Engineering

My research covers various acoustics and fluid mechanics topics and combines experimental, theoretical, and computational techniques. These projects are linked because fluid dynamics and acoustic waves in fluids both spring from the same conservation equations (acoustics is the linear theory of fluid dynamics). Approximately half of these research projects are collaborative efforts and involve Profs. S. Ceccio & W. Schultz from Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. M. Perlin from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Support for these research projects has come from the Office of Naval Research, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Whirlpool Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and Dept. of Energy-Honeywell Kansas City Plant.

Classes Taught

  • ME 236 Thermodynamics W’93
  • ME 240 Introduction to Dynamics F’96, F’00
  • ME 320 Fluid Mechanics I W’96
  • ME 330 Thermal & Fluid Sciences II F’98(as ME 499)
  • ME 395 Thermal-Fluid Sci. Lab. W’95, F’97
  • ME 395 Junior Mech. Eng. Lab. W’98, W’99, F’99, W’00, W’02, F’03
  • ME 424 Engineering Acoustics W’94, F’97, F’99, F’01, F’02, W’05
  • ME 432 Combustion F’92, F’94
  • ME 450 Design & Manufacturing III W’99
  • ME 520 Adv. Fluid Mechanics I F’93, F’94
  • ME 521 Adv. Fluid Mechanics II W’04
  • ME 524 Adv. Engineering Acoustics F’95
  • ME 599 F’97, W’01, W’03