Kevin J. Maki

Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


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(734) 936-2804


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  • Director, Aaron Friedman Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory


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Research Interests

Professor Maki works in the area of marine computational mechanics with an emphasis on developing new methods for performance evaluation of marine vehicles.

His research in the marine domain can be organized into two themes. Firstly, he has developed a novel method to couple a full finite-element model of a ship with a nonlinear fluid model that includes breaking waves and turbulence to predict loading in extreme operating conditions. Secondly, he has developed computational-fluid-dynamics-based tools that are included within the new virtual design environment that is used by naval ship designers and engineers.

He currently is also active in performing research in the automotive sector and is leading a multi-disciplinary team to model the turbulent fluid flow around the vehicle body with consideration of small surface changes and impact on fuel economy. His research is directly tied to his teaching and has produced two new courses taught at the senior and graduate student levels on the topic of numerical methods and computational fluid dynamics for high-Reynolds number incompressible external flows with an air-water interface.

Research areas:
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Courses Taught

  • NA 203 The Physics of Sailing
  • NA 270 Introduction to Vessel/Platform Design
  • NA 423 Introduction to Numerical Hydrodynamics


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