The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department embraces and supports the CoE DEI initiatives. NAME DEI plan is built around CoE master plan to:

1.    Increase the understanding and application of diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts to build skills and provide learning experiences to effectively and constructively engage in dialogue on DEI-related topics across our community.

2.     Build a robust and complete set of metrics with an established standardized methodology for the continuous collection and monitoring of information (data) relevant to the reporting and evaluation of DEI-related issues within the department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

3.     Build mechanisms, including leadership accountability and reward systems, to bring a “constancy of purpose” in focusing on DEI-related issues and opportunities within the department.

4.     Build communities and creative learning spaces by leveraging and transforming the use of space within the department to create an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports students, postdoctoral fellows, instructional and research faculty, and staff.

5.     Develop talented and diverse instructional and research faculty capable of providing a world-class academic and research learning environment for a global, diverse student body. Our objective is to develop a diverse instructional faculty with year-over-year increases in the percentage of gender and URM representation.

6.     Recruit, develop, and graduate a talented and diverse body of students and postdoctoral researchers with the academic and multicultural skills to engineer solutions to tomorrow’s global challenges. Our objective is to achieve year-over-year increases in the percentage of female and URM enrollment while reaching and maintaining parity on academic performance (GPA) and retention-to-graduation.

 7.     Recruit, retain, and develop a talented and diverse staff capable of supporting a world-class academic and research learning environment for a global, diverse student and faculty population.

 8.     Design and develop resources and opportunities for engagement and interaction that facilitate a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for students.

 9.     Create a sustained, pervasive education around issues of race, ethnicity, unconscious bias, and inclusion for everyone in the NAME department – students, faculty, and staff.

10.  Work with the College of Engineering’s Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach (CEDO), establishing a new structure that will work horizontally across all our pillars and units to ensure the work is not siloed and provides resources for the students (current and prospective), staff and faculty behind our research, education, and culture.