Our Commitment

Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow

Engineering excellence in the marine environment is more important now than ever before. U-M’s leadership is essential to solving complex global challenges.

The opening of the Arctic region over the next 50 years due to climate change will become increasingly important to the economic well being of our nation. NAME has the expertise and capacity to develop technologies for sustainable, safe and effective operations in the Arctic.

As the integrity of our environment becomes more and more compromised, demand is increasing for high-efficiency, low-polluting fleet ships worldwide.

The ocean floor represents a new frontier for both scientific discovery and commercial mining operations. Capitalizing on these opportunities will require vastly improved semi and fully autonomous robots and vehicles.

U.S. Naval dominance is being challenged by emerging powers across the globe. This calls for a redoubling of effort on the part of naval architects and marine engineers to develop the next generation of naval platforms.