Mission & Goals


The mission of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) Department, University of Michigan, is to be a world leader in the education of engineers in the application of engineering principles for the marine environment by:

  • providing the leading bachelor’s program in naval architecture and marine engineering, with emphasis on the conceptual design, engineering, manufacture and life cycle management of marine vehicles, structures and complex systems;
  • providing the leading graduate education and research program in engineering for the marine environment, one which spans a broad range of inquiry;
  • providing leadership and service to the state, national and international marine community.


In addition, the NAME program also has the following goals:

  • to recruit, educate and support exceptional, diverse students and engage them in lifelong learning and achievement while preparing them for a sustained career of engineering leadership in the marine-related industries, government service, and academia.
  • to maintain and enhance the leading undergraduate program in the world in naval architecture and marine engineering; one which provides rigorous and effective preparation for a lifelong career of engineering leadership and service.