Armin W. Troesch

Professor Emeritus, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


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(734) 763-6644


Armin W. Troesch is a Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan. He is a Fellow of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and held a Professional Engineer’s license with the State of Michigan. Since 1969, he has held various engineering, teaching, and research positions including Design Engineer at the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, Visiting Research Associate at the DTNSWC Bethesda, MD, and Director of the U-M Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory. Research activities have included slender body diffraction forces, hydroelastic springing, wave energy devices, nonlinear dynamics, and extreme vessel motions. Based on this body of work, he has authored or co-authored with his students (34 M.S. and Ph.D.’s) more than 130 publications.


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Research Interests

Research interests have expanded over the years from initial work in slender body diffraction forces, hydroelastic springing, and wave energy devices to now include nonlinear dynamics, high-speed planing, impact hydrodynamics, extreme vessel motions and loads, oscillatory, time-dependent real flows, and stern flap hydrodynamics/design. The research involves the application of experimental, theoretical, and numerical methods. The goal of these efforts has been twofold: to define accurate hydrodynamic models that permit the determination of the nonlinear fluid loads and, once having identified the proper hydrodynamic model, solve, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the complicated nonlinear equations of motion. While these research activities have generated a new and better understanding of the physical phenomena involved, they have also provided undergraduate, Masters level, Professional-level, and Ph.D. level support in addition to creating opportunities for collaborative faculty efforts.

Courses Taught

  • ME211 Introduction to Statics and Strength of Materials
  • NA 310 Ship Strength I
  • NA 320 Ship Resistance and Propulsion I
  • NA 401 Small, High-Speed Craft
  • NA 421 Ship Model Testing
  • NA 440 Marine Dynamics II
  • NA 490 Directed Study, Research and Special Problems
  • NA 520 Marine Hydrodynamics III
  • NA 526 Naval Hydrodynamics II (similar to the expanded NA 540)
  • NA 540 Marine Dynamics III
  • NA 575 Computer-Aided Marine Design Project
  • NA 591 Reading and Seminar in Naval Architecture
  • NA 621 Experimental Marine Hydrodynamics
  • NA 792 Professional Thesis
  • New and Revised Courses Introduced at the University of Michigan:
  • NA 440: Marine Dynamics II, Introduced completely revised course Fall 1977 to 31 students.
  • NA540: Marine Dynamics III, Introduced a completely revised four-hour course Fall 1993 to 19 students.
  • NA 621: Experimental Marine Hydrodynamics, Spring 1980 (team-taught with three others), Taught ten times since to 5 to 12 students.


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